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General Information

The majority of your products have to be made by hand with minimal use of mechanized equipment, and a large portion of the processes must be under your control. Products that are made from scratch by hand, or products you purchased in bulk that are unscented and/or uncolored in which you add your own scent and/or color qualify as handcrafted. Products that are made for you by an outside company that you purchase packaged and ready to sell do not qualify as handcrafted.
No. If you do not have a business, list your full legal name as a sole proprietorship including DBA (Doing Business As) under the business name. If you have a company name you will be listed as, for example, Suzie Smith DBA Suzie’s Soaps.
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An HSCG Soapmaker Member who resides in the 50 US states and Washington, DC (US territories are excluded). Also, in order to qualify more than 80% of your products must be handmade. Canadian members have the option of participating in the Canadian Insurance program.
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About Insurance Coverage

Yes. Please see coverages and costs below:

Increased Liability – The insurance company offers an additional $1 million in coverage (making it $2 million total). The additional coverage is optional and is being offered because some fairs/shows and wholesale buyers require $2 million in liability coverage. When you sign up, you will be given an option to purchase the increased insurance. The cost is $55.00 per year.

Professional Liability – If you teach soapmaking in a professional capacity, you can get additional professional liability coverage that will cover you if a person claims that what you taught them caused damage or liability of some kind. The cost of the professional liability insurance endorsement is $135 per year.

Additional Business Personal Property Insurance – If you need additional property insurance (over the $5,000 already included) you can increase the limits. Up to $10,000 in coverage is an additional $75; up to $20,000 is $125; and up to $30,000 is $175.

Higher amounts are also available, but that would require an application process. Contact Veracity Insurance if you want to increase your property insurance limits above $30,000.

Soaps, lotion, bath salts, perfume, essential oils, fragrances, candles, jewelry, clothing, fragrance oils, base oils, waxes, powders, masks, scrubs and just about anything else that is used to beautify the body, the home or the environment and is handcrafted. This list is not a full list, but a representative sampling of the kinds of products covered.

Pet products are covered if they are handcrafted by you. If they are made elsewhere and repackaged by you, or you buy them in bulk and repackage them, they are not covered by this program.

Coffee, tea and other consumables are covered only if they are prepackaged and sold in a set (such as a gift basket) in conjunction with handcrafted items that are covered as above. If they are sold separately, they are not covered.

Except as noted above, the policy does not cover:

Drugs or medicines, pharmaceuticals, vitamins or supplements, invasive products, suppositories or ingestible nutraceuticals, any product requiring a prescription, children’s toys, aerosol products, acetone based products, permanent cosmetics and/or invasive body inks, ingestible food products (anything to be eaten), coffee and tea, any product containing cannabidoil (CBD), any product containing talc, alcoholic products, ingestible hemp products, plug-in electrical products, and electrical products.

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How does HSCG work?

Purchasing through the HSCG Program, you save money on insurance premiums because you are part of a group acquiring insurance directly from a carrier.

Programs allow businesses and individuals of similar industries to buy the insurance in bulk from an insurer, resulting in lower individual premiums. You don’t share coverage limits, just savings.

We don’t believe in waiting, so your insurance policy becomes effective immediately after your payment online is verified. The verification process takes only seconds.

You can print your insurance certificate immediately after purchasing, and if you need to add additional insureds, you can do that right away too.

No, there is no cost to add additional insureds. You can add as many additional insureds as needed and send them certificates accordingly. All you have to do is log back into your account and under the policy screen click on add additional insured button.
No, your policy does not automatically renew. Beginning when your policy is 30 days from expiring, you can log in to your HSCG account at any time until the policy expires and renew the policy from there.

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